Wisconsin Public Library Statistics Portal

Board-approved, signed library and system annual reports for 2019 are due to the DPI Division for Libraries and Technology (DLT) no later than February 29, 2020. [Wis. stat. s. 43.58 (6) (a)] Library and system directors will receive an email invitation to enter their report data when the portal opens in January 2020.

Click to enter data or generate reports.

Use the login screen's "Password reminder" link to re-send user information to the director associated with the library's username. 

Support material is available on the Public Library Development (PLD) annual report webpage, including the following:

Data entry worksheet of all Annual Report data elements
Instructions and definitions for Annual Report data elements
Instructions for using this LibPAS online reporting system

If you have questions that are not addressed in the resources above, contact your regional public library system, email LibraryReport@dpi.wi.gov, or call Michael Dennison at (608) 266-5196.

Report Templates for Library Comparisons

illustration of magnifying glass examining line chart dataPublic libraries can use several report templates designed to quickly compare their library with other Wisconsin libraries within a 10% range of local appropriation, circulation, municipal population, or total income. Graphical comparison charts can easily be generated in LibPAS. Comparison reports for the current reporting period are typically available beginning in the summer. Prior reporting periods are currently available. More information on using the LibPAS report templates is available in the Creating Comparison Reports and Charts Using LibPAS Report Templates instructions.


Wisconsin Public Library Service Map

Wisconsin public library service locations and system headquartersView Wisconsin public library service outlet locations, system headquarters, with counties and system layers in the Wisconsin Public Library System map.




Wisconsin Public Library Directory

The most current Wisconsin public library directory information is available on the Department of Public Instruction's Wisconsin Public Library Directory page.