Wisconsin Public Library Statistics Portal

LibPAS forms for entering public library and library system annual report data are now open for data entry.

Board-approved, signed 2018 library and system annual reports for 2017 are due to the DPI Division for Libraries and Technology no later than Thursday, March 1, 2018. [Wis. stat. s. 43.58 (6) (a)] Library and system directors have been sent an email invitation to enter their report data.

Click to enter data or generate reports.

If your library or system access information has been misplaced, the login screen has a "Password reminder" link to re-send it to the director on record with DPI.

Support material is online and linked from the Public Library Development (PLD) annual report webpage at dpi.wi.gov/pld/data-reports/annual-report, including the following PDF files:

Data entry worksheet of all LibPAS data entry fields for 2017
Instructions and definitions for data elements
Instructions for using the LibPAS online reporting system

If you have other questions about the annual report, contact your regional public library system, email LibraryReport@dpi.wi.gov, or call Shannon Schultz at (608) 266-7270.

Report Templates for Library Comparisons

Public libraries can use several report templates designed to quickly compare their library with other Wisconsin libraries within a 10% range of local appropriation, circulation, municipal population, or total income. Graphical comparison charts can easily be generated from the tool. Comparison reports can be generated for 2016 data; however, comparison reports cannot be generated for 2017 data until mid-2018. See the document at dpi.wi.gov/sites/default/files/imce/pld/pdf/coreports.pdf for instructions.

The Maps link (top right in the green bar) generates an interactive map of Wisconsin public libraries.